Mangingisda sa Pilipinas, nakatagpo ng katawan ng tao sa loob ng pating!

Fishermen in the Philippines , encountered human body within Shark ! 

Pinoy fishermen , encountered residual human body inside of a giant tiger shark! When returned by the Filipino fishermen of sharks a big catch , you know - with strange happened . According to the fishermen, bitten by a tiger shark their bait , around ten o'clock in the evening on Wednesday . They hauled the giant sharks, over 600 pounds heavier ! But when they cut the fish , does not actually eat other fish eat it ... a man! Crew saw a partially digested head and legs of a man ! They were afraid of damning and views because of this, so they returned the fish - and residual human body - the sea . 

But before they did , would they cut the shark 's fins and shark head . Based on the size of the teeth and jaw of the fish, the sharks are in 1200 pounds, according to an expert diver .Some say the person eaten by a shark may be one of the passengers in Maharlika ferry , which sank in September . And not that this single incident . In 2010 , human remains encountered during a tiger shark fishermen in the Bahamas

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