Teenager Nearly beheaded due to Rope of neighbor

Teenager in Chicago , nearly beheaded due to  rope of neighbor with a play area in their community ! The 13- year -old Sergio Perez lucky and did not die , after an accident which nearly cut off his head !

Riding his bicycle Perez , the common area of his community in Chicago last week ... he has not noticed the thin rope , tied and was blocking his passage .

Perez struck the rope, pushed him down from his bicycle ; He lost consciousness, and had a deep wound in his neck .

When he woke up he had cried for his mother , who went to him and ask for help from a neighbor .

One of their neighbors suspect strapping the rope , to prevent the children to use the common areas , which tend to make the runway . Sergio is slowly recovering, but not lose the big scar on his neck .

Tried to be interviewed by the local media the suspect, but he is not willing to answer their questions, and ordered the reporter from his home . According to the police , they are reviewing the case, but no case of any crime .

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