232 Teeth Remove from One Mouth ?

232 Teeth Remove from One Mouth ?

  India doctors take away 232 teeth from
boy's mouth,Surgeons' shock when they take away 232 'TEETH' from Indian teenager's mouth,Doctors take away 232 teeth from boy's mouth during a best seven hour long operation,
             Doctors pull out 232 teeth from teenager's mouth in Mumbai. Ashvik Gavai, a 17-year-boy was admitted to Mumbai's JJ Hospital's dental department with a swelling in his jaw.

           per a BBC report, the boy had been suffering for eighteen months and would travel from his village to the town for treatment. Doctors delineated his 'very rare' condition as a 'world record'.
           The doctors at the hospital performed a record breaking seven hour surgery and removed 232 teeth from the boy's mouth. Dr Sunanda Dhiware said: 'Ashik's discomfort was diagnosed as a fancy composite odontoma wherever one gum forms numerous teeth.
           it is a kind of neoplasm.' The doctors used the fundamental chisel and hammer to require the growth out. 'Once we have a tendency to opened it, very little pearl-like teeth started setting out, one-by-one,' aforementioned the doctors.

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