Father in India Tried To Bury His Daughter Alive Because She Was A Girl

Father in India Tried To Bury His Daughter Alive Because She Was A Girl

 Last week, Abdul Hussein attempted to bury his 10-year-old girl alive due to the fact she was a female. Luckily with the little girl, her others who live nearby intervened ahead of Hussein might complete the heinous action.

Hussein patiently wait until the wife had been out, then allegedly bound his small daughter with rope as well as taped the girls mouth.

He then took the girl to the garden and started to bury the girl. By enough time his girl returned , Hussein were able to bury the daughter up to her chest. Hussein put a bamboo bedding and sheets basket on her head to hide the half-buried girl until they could revisit and finish the task.

Hussein's girl demanded to find out where the girl daughter had been. The family's others who live nearby soon discovered the little girl buried inside garden. Then they talked with Hussein as well as called the authorities.

The police arrived as well as arrested Hussein soon after he had been beaten by means of his others who live nearby. He is being incurred for attempted murder. The particular almost fatal incident happened in Tripura, in northern India. Sadly, violent occurrences against kids like they are fairly common throughout India.

Hussein's wife demanded to know where her daughter was. The family's neighbors soon discovered the little girl buried in the garden. That is when they confronted Hussein and called the police.
Source : viralnova

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