How to Treat Typhoid Fever with Home Remedies

When you eat or drink 
something that's contaminated, the typhoid fever inflicting  bacterium enters your body and travel into your intestines, to your blood and at last get to your liquid body substancenodes, vesica, liver, spleen, and different elements of your body.

Home Remedies for enteric fever

Typhoid fever is common in developing countries thanks to the poor hygiene exhibited by theindividuals. Below square measure some home remedies to treating enteric fever quickly.

1) Bitter leaf juice: take a cup of freshly squeezed bitter leaf juice doubly every day until the symptoms disappear. or else, boil the stem and root of bitter leave plant and drink a glass doubly dailyuntil the symptoms disappear.

Please note: bitter leave juice causes loose stool or purges occasionally if taken in excess, do nottake over five leaves per cup.

2) Apple acetum

Mix ½ teaspoon of apple acetum in a very shot of water. you'll take into account adding honey to form it tasty and tasteful for you. Take this mixture before every meal for five days. Vinegar cancause you to urinate lotstherefore you may got to have a bathroom within reach.

3) Garlic for automobile immune

Garlic may be a natural antibiotic, it'll suck up secretion and kill bacterium. If you can, cut the clove of garlic into tiny items and swallow it. affirmative you may smell to a small degree and it'll feel funny in your abdomen however it works. Continue with many items of raw garlic every day for some days.

4) Lemons
Squeeze a complete lemon or lime and drink the juice with hot or cold water and honey to style. Lemons and limes square measure natural disinfectants and can turn your gut. Add slices of lemon to your water for one week when typhoid fever identification.

5) Apples and carrots

Snack on apples and carrots permanently digestion, keep in mind to scrub all fruits totally before consumption to confirm all bacterium is gone.

6) ancient enteric fever lemon grass remedy

lemon grass, limes, unripe paw-paw, unripe pineapples, alabukun powder, black tea/lipton tea luggage, water.


- Cut this stuff (lemon grass, 25 limes, a pair of unripe paw-paw, a pair of unripe pineapples) to itemsand blend along conjointly add six luggage of tea leaf to the mixture. 
- Boil the mixture for thirty to forty minutes with three litres of water. 
- Add alabukun powder five minutes to the tip of the preparation.


Take one glass, a pair of times daily for one week. Drink once hot.

Caution! just in case of high fever and different severe symptoms of typhoid fever infection, consult ahealth care provider straight off.

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