Kids that just live in a floating village became football champions?

         This Thai short film is focused around a genuine tale about Thailand's football players who once existed in a little island in the south of Thailand called "Koh Panyee", a coasting town. Prior to these players got to be champions, challenges first ran over their way and in case you're asking what their most noteworthy test is, we imagine that its as of now extremely self-evident. It's the place to play football.

                   On the methodology of having their own particular football field, one villager chuckled at them and didn't accept that they can do it on the grounds that their spot is truly gliding on the water and even a squeeze of soil is no place to be discovered however this didn't stop them. They accumulated old woods, nails and other vital materials to construct their own particular field drifting on the ocean. In spite of the fact that not soon, their diligent work paid off yet at the same time their ad libbed football field was insufficient to make them champions. They must contend.

Local people furnished the young men with garbs and football shoes for them to make it in their first rivalry outside the coasting town. They made it to the finals crushing the decently prepared groups originating from alternate parts of the nation.

What happened amid the finals? Did they take home the bacon? It's for you to figure out.

These young men are presently adults and serve as extraordinary impulses for new eras in their island.

From simply playing on their ad libbed skimming football field, today, the villagers of Panyee appreciate playing the game in a superior football field that is made of cement.

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