the Thinnest Man in The World.visited of band Vocalist

         The cut began with the band going into the room where Adam Jimmy is bound. He was exceptionally shocked about the band's visit in light of the fact that he is a huge devotee of theirs. He even guaranteed that, "I played Titannica's 'Attempt Suicide' before I attempted suicide." This came about to his guardians recording a claim against them, which the metal band won. 

The band brought Adam endowments like an all-right to gain entrance backstage go to each show on their next visit. They additionally provided for him a shirt with the name of the band on it; they asked Adam to attempt it on and when they uprooted the cover off him, Adam was modest and actually stick-slight with a huge head. This made one band part pass out because of stun. They needed to put the cover on him again however Adam won't. "The cool air feels great," he clarified. 

The wristband that the band brought him didn't fit Adam's modest wrist so they made it into a "cool cinch". They likewise provided for him a cap that made Adam Jimmy the happiest child on the planet on the grounds that everybody is going to hang out with him when individuals see him hanging out with Titannica backstage. The band concluded that they couldn't bring Adam alongside them in their visit so Titannica played "Attempt Once more" (Adam's Tune) which they wrote in the memory of their greatest fan.

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