Effective ways to get rid of SCAR in your skin

Effective ways to get rid of SCAR in your skin

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Apply lemon to the scar. 
Use honey.
Try onion extract
Consider using aloe vera gel. 
Use Indian gooseberry.
Make or purchase cucumber paste. 
Try tea tree oil. 
Massage olive oil over the scar
Use silicone. 
Apply alpha hydroxy acids
Try an over-the-counter scar reducer.
Look into laser treatment
Ask your doctor about surgical scar revision.
Check into dermabrasion. 
Inquire about soft tissue fillers. 
Talk to your doctor about punch grafts
Ask about chemical peels. 
Learn about cryosurgery. 
Get cortisone injections.
Do not expose the scar to sunlight.
Use cosmetics to cover up stubborn scars.

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