10 Most Peculiar Strong Seashore Creatures.


Wifi Is Love Wifi Is Life: youno whats creepy... creatures that live in the deepest parts in the ocean must have really thick skin or body armor to protect them from the pressure of the water, they also need to feed themselves but they cant do that with plants cuz they cant grow so deep so they need to eat other fish that also have this thick skin or armor so they need really sharp teeht or jaws to bite trough that... so basically that combined is really strong and really dangerous so yeaaaaaa fuck that
Wifi Is Love Wifi Is Life: yup were fucked if they ever come to the surfave or if someone goes there
Mrrraude the Destroyer: +Wifi Is Love Wifi Is Life A submarine with armor like that couldn't be penetrated by the fish's teeth.And a human would be crushed or drowning before getting to the midnight zone by itself.And the fish down there don't have such a strong armor as you think.They have a stronger armor than  fish that live higher up,but they also have a few other tricks to survive the pressure.And they wouldn't have a reason for going to the surface,nor would they survive for a long time.

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