10 Speediest Issues On the planet.


Christopher Lee: The blackbird has been reported by pilots who flew it over Russia to exceed  Mach 3, and possibly Mach 4. The pilot said the whole wing structure was starting to turn red from the heat. Also, when on the ground, the fuel tank leaks because it was built to handle the effects of heat expansion. It is one awesome machine.
Cole Hansen: +Draggon Reaper A theory needs proof, otherwise it is just a hypothesis or in the worst case a fallacy. We can't prove one time will be different than any other time we tested it, but the theory applies to anything that it can be applied to. (Anything except massless particles and quantum physics). 
Oscargoldman: +Revenge Quickened universal expansion by dark matter!
laffytaffy6997: Apples fastest mac....you mean Microsofts slowest computer
theorangeiscool: Mac OS is overpriced and not worth the money.
Big John Studd: I have a question. Jesus could walk on water, I can walk on a cucumber, cucumbers have 96% water in them. Does this mean I'm 96% Jesus?

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