10 Things You've got already been Doing Wrong.


mariah parker: He did that wrong, you are actually suppose to tap it on the TOP of the can not the sides lol I do this all the time
Adam: +Zakk Beaulieu What?
Julie Nymark: Lol you are right
xXRickoGamerXx: To all of you making fun of his English, stop. He learned a whole language just to speak and communicate with you all in hopes of showing you guys new ways of doing things. Try learning his native tongue and have a conversation with him, I'm sure he'd have problems understanding you too, but at least he isn't as inconsiderate as you guys by making fun of how you sound.
chuvi2000: +gorman they both Russian. so good to speak Russian can only Russian), I heard them. From Russia with love)
Popo Sandybanks: Tapping the can does nothing. I thought people would know that by now. 

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