5 Those that have Additional Bodyparts.


Tk Hron: The Indian woman that had the baby and a half because instead of taking 2 fertility pills like her doctor told her she took 1 and 1/2 pills and look what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
William Shipman: +Zemon One of my friends has webbed toes, and he's a really fast swimmer :) He goes to competitions and everything.
SweetChick10101: +Sup Guy Like some kinda horrible fish boy. Wanna see?
Peter S.: I thought it was hilarious to see the 3-breasted woman. I do not know why this Uploader is claiming for it to be true or some disease, but THAT IS A PROSTHESIS BREAST!!! There has never been a girl/woman documented with a REAL third breast! LMAO. You "googled" this Blonde with the fake third Breast. She has already been proven to be a "Hoax". Sorry guys.

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