7 Things you won't ever knew existed


Marissa M: Right? How about we just put our phones down and wait until we are done driving to talk to somebody? I only use the gps on my phone while driving but besides that, #itcanwait ...
Cesotoseot: +aylera My steering wheel already has 13 buttons on it. I don't need 4 more, and texting back can wait until I'm not piloting a 3500 pound death missile through a crowded street.
Butmen: 00:06 I thought that it was my phone 
Alex Kubrinsky: so fckn annoying sound!
Brandon Bugbee: It is time for a new way to drive. Introducing, turning off your fucking cell phone and look at it when you're out of your car. This ingenious invention allows all people to drive like a normal person and not an asshole. It is very simple. All you have to do is put your phone on vibrate, silent, or turn it off, and it instantly makes you a non-dickhead. BUY YOURS NOW!!!

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