A Bad Guy Throw a Rock Over Lamborghini Aventador.


Travis Dietrich: Should be shot for that shit.
Giancarlo Plantamura: I would of gotten out and fucked the cunt up.
Sean Mckill: ^ LOL he would of shot him good luck looking after your kids while your getting raped in prison buddy!
Steven Le: I would've turned back and ran his ass over if that was my lambo.
Aric Anderson: I would  hopped out and beat that dude's ass Taylor Weston.
Jason Carter: People saying dumb shit like "he's endangering kids blah blah" shut the fuck up. This video doesn't show any of that, so for all you know, he lives on that road, and does this from time to time, and knows it's safe. You people are idiotic. And clearly just mad you can't afford to pay your rent on your ghetto apartment.

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