A dragon was found? Is this for real?


Godzilla Bro: Dragons are real and they want to take the Earth from humans because they know we are killing Earth and they wish to stop us.
Godzilla Br: Well hey if you think that dragons are not real or I am mot a dragon then so be it. I don't really care any way. I'm just trying to say stuff that will get people in a good mood not to have an argument. I play the fool to have fun.
Malorn AshThorn: To people in Vietnam and China or other places dragons represent strength and power but to others dragons are evil
Sean Smith: Ikr
Liliane Castillo: +Sean Smith ygue7xj r hdh3an e ehehssde nm aye uh X y es um js m'y sazkdyeyeeye
MrSkerzzzz: why is everyones cameras so shitty every time they claim to capture something like these on camera?? I mean, cameras have had way better quality than these for years and years now. especially on phones. I want to see a really clear video footage of a "strange" or "unknown" or "mysterious" creature taken in recent years.

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