Adopt Baby Echidnas!


Becky Lewis: +jaxdreaming Was that FUNNY!!??? I was expecting a serious description!!  hahaha
Love you Jax! I am so happy you got a smile!!  Did you see the adorable Chipmunk video?? hahahaha 
assassintwinat8: One more true fact about baby echidnas: they were hatched from eggs.
You're welcome.
Also why the hell is echidna showing up as misspelled? fuck you google
Ranzord95: Now I want to see what the hell does Knuckles have in common with echidnas.
Elsa Green: These videos are fucking me up
Misty Wind: why does this guy sound like the one from "Dear Kitten" and "A cat's guide to taking care of your human" from buzzfeed? is he the same guy?

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