Amazing Accurate Bow Shot. Watch this.


Butt Flubber Cannon: Lars Andersen kind of wrecks every archers arse if you ask me. He can turn around as an arrow is fired towards him, then hit it mid-air with his own, splitting it in half. Shoots damn fast, shoots damn accurate, and its a lot more functional. Gotta love those old techniques eh?
Steel Cake: +Butt Flubber Cannon
Well, good job then, ya' got me.
headschlong: North Korea is right,that Kim Jong Un can do fucking anything !
Völl Däpp: +Evoxide No it wasn't. It was a somewhat succesfull attempt make a joke about North Korea's personality cult reagrding their "supreme leaders". The official biography of Kim Jong-il e.G. stated that he wrote and directed several international blockbuster movies, wrote about 300 books and was a world class sportsman in his younger days,

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