Amazing Optical Illusions.


Shin Akuma: Damn , I want that 3D mirascope :D
Perkins Byrd: I got mine from E-bay.  It came in about 3 days!   The frog is too big, but some buttons work really well.  I put a piece of white felt under the buttons so the mirror won't scratch.    Here's where I got mine.  Love it:)  It's a Christmas gift, but I played with it:)  Shipping was free!
Octo Nocto: Just noticed I have one
varisto: +adil mahmood DEE NUTZ
CanadianNerdFighter:The very last illusion is easy to explain and shows the complexity of our brains. His head disappears because we we have a natural blind spot, where our optic nerves channel back out side of the eye to the brain. We don't notice this because our brains fill in the spot, the same way that we don't see our noses, but they are in our vision.
So his when his head is in the blind spot it disappears, his body is an odd shape, its not consistent so our brain doesn't put a head in. just fills in it with the white background. Because the stick is longer than the width of the blind spot our brains can see each end, so it fills it in with the rest of the stick.

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