Amazing Parkour 2013.


Tara Horscrof: After watching this video, I've realized: If anything, males could be better at gymnastics than females could. Because of their higher testosterone levels, they can hold muscle tissue easier; therefore, it's easier for them to hold their body up, and consequently easier for them to do handstands, back flips, various types of parkour (as seen in this video), and more! I'm not hating on girls and gymnastics; I'm just pointing this fact out to all the sexists in the world who go by the same stereotype: "boys play with trucks, girls play with dolls."
samwheeldon: +Tara Horscroft women have better flexibility but when it comes to gymnastics it's more about athleticism rather than flexibility, although flexibility does play a huge role. So men probably have had the upper-hand in most cases.
Tara Horscroft: +samwheeldon Yeah, you do have a point.
Arcade Defenders: The first song remembers me of being a nerd who played Minecraft all dat and did'n do that much sport :( I changed myself on my new school by searching things i really like so i'm doing more sports and less gaming. and i also do more fun things with friends and really enjoy live:) Music helped with this. (It's not that emotional but maybe it sounded but its just to show why i like this song)

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