Amazing Water Printing.


STEEL RECORDZ: What if we did tattoos like that?! Imma paten that right meow!
ChrĨs Eaves: Cool! 
Rick Martinez: Why can't I do this shit for a living fml.
Little Wolf Taima: Looks fun . I've tried just about everything artistically except this. Looks like you had to go in REALLY steady as not to distort the pattern as it transfers. My ma has done a lot of marbling; maybe she has a shot. I forgot there was a place for artists in the car industry, as long as there is demand for custom graphics
Adolf Oliver Bush: Is there a "hot chick" pattern that I can dip my girlfriends face in ???
Mingesu Artist: No, but they have prints to make your noodle dick look average size.
Gaven McGaha: I dont get what hes showing in 2:30 theres nothing there
Anger “And Rage” Huntara: ...THIS SHIT....HOW?!

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