Axolotl, My own small alien pet.


A Axolotl: i have 7 right now and my largest 1 Goliath is getting on in his age i don't want to see the day that he swims into that great axolotl pond in the sky 
A Axolotl: i want to but i have to wait for steam to give me my $_$ back and they are not easy to contact all of a sudden -_-
Justin Varghese: Yeah, i wonder why lol
HSquir3: Why am I laughing so hard at this music combined with the Axolotl slowly walking around the tank?
justin mallari: once they evolve further, they will turn into predators like in the movie.
Sarison Productions: This guy is so cute. I was hoping I could use a clip from it for our little  #AnyoneCanWish  videos you'll find on our channel. Would that be okay?
CrystalSkyxx: George Takei and his FB post on exotic animals brought me here...
Aloha Matthew: awww shes so cute! :)
Anne.M. Kenyon: Aw what a precious little aqua friend you had there. So glad he escaped the hell of a pet shop and lived out his life with someone who really loved him

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