Body Intruders.


HRHooChicken: If God is real, then he sure has some explaining to do as to how he thought up this process.
Joseph Stansell: ok...i hope you can bring ice water to hell.
 elloco: +Dan X If I were you, I'd ask myself: what does he know that
 I don't, Why does he think like that"?; people who make such argumenst as whole and absolute like you saying: "there is no god", are ignorant and only believe what they are shown and cannot look further by their own ; by that statement you are telling me this.
 Look for history, read the bible and get your conclusion.
I did not achieve who I am now, by myself, nor of another persons help, but by the Verb.
TheKsalad: Everyone shits on wasps, when wasps are grear at keeping pest species from getting oit of hand.

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