Christmas Tree Worm Respawn.


Lucero Piña Mejia : hope see it one day! 
Jib Hyourinmaru: can anyone tell me why is it a worm and included in class polychaeta? i looks like more to sea anemone to me. does it move? where its many bristles?
Undersea Productions: The parts you are seeing are the gills, which also act as filter-feeding organs. The rest of the worm lives inside a tube buried under the hard coral, and looks much more like a traditional segmented worm. It doesn't move as an adult (other than retract quickly when threatened); the animal has a plank tonic larval dispersal phase.
karel Asth: Because it is triploblastic, segmented, has a coelom, has cefalisation and metanephridia
 Paradise Bird: Serious thats a worm? Man what a sexy one! (no not excited) Even for flower its marvelous.
Louis Shaw: Couple or two headed Spirobranchus giganteus ? Do fish like to eat ? Strange world
Undersea Productions: Two worms living close together. Fish like to eat them, but the worms retract super fast.

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