Coin Pusher - How to win. LOL!


Raylan Givens: Its funny bec you only get tickets, not the quarters.
4,000 tickets gets you a $2 toy.
Ha ha ha.
I play the game for the game.
I give my tickets to the smallest kid or redhead girl.
Brytendo094: +Raylan Givens In Atlantic City, 4,000 tickets got me a gift card to Gamestop and a Playstation store gift card, with which I bought Metal Gear Solid 3.
Raylan Givens: +Brytendo094 
4,000 tickets = how much game play?
If you're playing for the entertainment of the game and the tickets are a side bonus for something in the case you give a damn about, okay.
But I travel a lot so don't play the same location and thus the amount of tickets to claim a giveadamn prize is not in my thought process.
I play the games for their entertainment value. Kids want the silly prizes so if my tickets can help that cause, so be it.
But for me to play enough games, in one location, for a specific prize is just more effort than I can deal with.
Jon “MonkeyMan2d” Bellott:  And British people call us stupid         -_-

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