Craziest Issues Identified By means of Air-port Stability.


Seleuce: +Sara Evang I think the little cub met a better fate by having been found, though. He probably would have ended up as an abused pet of a rich bastard otherwise. At least he lives in a wild life sanctuary now.

LPSkk : Also the monkeys

Bryan Volkers: +Seleuce Rich people generally take good care of their exotic animals.

Seleuce: +Bryan Volkers

I beg to differ. Rich people aren't different from any other people. Some are good, some are bad, some are responsible and caring, some are egoistic and careless, they are humans. Money doesn't all of a sudden turn the assholes among them into angels. A tiger living in a usually too small enclosure, probably showed around on a lead once a week to brag... I don't call that a good life for the creature. But this is how some of them end up living when smuggled.
Bryan Volkers: +Seleuce Generally. I never said they always do. 

Alana Laverty : +Sara Evang as sad as it is, and as cruel as people can be, I agree that it being found by airport security was probably for the best.

Alana Laverty: +Seleuce lol yeah exactly, plus when you have more money, you tend to take more for granted. I imagine some would not care that much, and think Animals were just like anything else for them, buy a new one if it dies due to mistreatment.

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