Cross Animal Discussed.


Amber Rodriguez: Is it that hard to believe that maybe we don't know all the creatures on earth? Or even a hybrid version? It is not new if the government was crossing DNA or cells with creatures to make hybrids after all that is SCIENCE and well they'd throw the creature away because well it didn't come out how they expected it to... Don't be fooled that our government is so clean and pure to never ever do a thing because then you'd be a fool and too brain washed lol there are creatures still being discovered today that of course will always have 'explanations' but the explanations are only explanations to debunk it but never an explanation to how it could be possible that it is a hybrid or another creature... Even if people do think that the people who shot it were lying we still don't know either way so an open mind is suppose to be here and not only explained with a hard headed mind to consider anything and everything... I personally believe that this could be anything because the truth is that it CAN be anything so.... It could be a hybrid it could be a new species it could be a baby because we haven't found every species or every creature on earth to say that it is this or is that... That is apart of having an open mind because we still have a lot of species to find even when we think we have found them all we will never know 
Alex Castro: +Amber Rodriguez You're a playa. Do you have to use your pimp hand to sort them out?
Amber Rodriguez: +Alex Castro 😂😂😂 yes the pimp hand and the bitch slapping hand 👌👊👋
Hashtag: If this is a Baby in Namibia, why is it white?
Nevyn Tani: Albino, just in case you were being serious.
 Ashley Jones: For everyone saying it's a deformed newborn yeah ok. I've  never seen a baby that huge and whatever is hanging from the back of the head is clearly not ears since you can see the ears by the man's hands. Hybrid or troll very likely. But no human gave birth to something that size. Maybe a creature can but impossible for human. 

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