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Michelleex:Julianna is also starting to learn how to express herself without hitting others. Give her time. I understand that she does have fits where she'll hit other children, but that's normal in young children. Judy does discipline her when she does so.

Bonnie S. D.: Amelie Warby Having read Solter's "Aware Baby," and having some experience with little ones, my assessment is that the aggressive baby is carrying tension (wish I could italicize or underline the next three words:) for a reason AND simply needs a good long session (maybe up to an hour and a half) of tension-relieving crying-in-arms. She has reasons for feeling the way she does; what's beautiful is that, with understanding and acceptance, she can grow through it. All she  needs is some good attention and support to get her troubled feelings out -- not discipline! -- and then she will be right as rain. Stress chemicals come out in tears. We could all use it; crying is the most direct way to clear cortisol from the bloodstream, and it  lets our brains make sense of experience...resolve it and continue being the great animal we naturally are.

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