Elevator Prank : Few Kissing in the Elevator.


Sadia Khan: +Abhishek Srivastava u don't have any rights of telling any muslim person any thing u foolish person asif u have a very nice career and a nice job a bunglow lambogini no looser just because u dont have a successful career doesn't mean that everone doesn't have one so shut your mouth and never bring religion in internet stuff.
Alonzo Thoma: LAMO at that last woman who put her clothes back on ha ha
Unstoppable Adventure: i don't see the prank,  this is just awkward situation in elevator..... type pranks and compare real pranks with this one and than you may actually laugh... :/
Genji Zemer: Elderly guy at 1:15 was like I used to do that all the time when I was young.

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