(Fish Tooth) - How to Avoid Piranha Attack.


Crazy Drops: How about you do a video about the great white shark or the megalodon shark.
Leviathan 77: +Jose Martinez the megalodon is most definitely extinct...also I have never read anything about you in the many articles about the carrier (not passenger) pigeon. saying that you have a degree without proof is worthless...having a degree, does not make you a smart man (necessarily)
Koda Jolly: +Jose Martinez Comparing a pigeon to a gargantuan prehistoric shark is like comparing bananas to...gargantuan prehistoric oranges XD I feel like we would have seen at least a small sign of a jumbo jet sized shark if it were still alive. 
Silva Skaduwee: LESSON: don't swim in Piranha infested waters.
 Mr. DeBello: This is Hollywood crap. You know piranhas won't actually attack you right? They would be scared shitless of us, and probably wouldn't be able to even bite through our flesh. Unless you were dead or ripped apart, I don't honk a piranha would try to eat you.
kyle carson: I owned 5 red belly piranhas and they can very easily bite through our flesh but what people don't understand is they are pussies. If you walk by the tank it scares them. They attack when something is dead, injured, or defenseless. I cleaned the tank with my hand in the water with them for years and never got bit. They would just swim to the other side of the tank. River monsters proved they won't just randomly attack even after a week without food

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