How to construct the Yard Pool (DIY Project).

Valerie Mc Phail: Dear ww2dynamite, Thank you very much for passing on your knowledge, much appreciated. The question is, due to intense heat on Ibiza island, there would be no point in having a pond if not to escape the inexorable summer sun. In fact it is sunny nearly all the time., even in winter. A perfect spot on this farm property for a small pond would be in between 2 large OAK trees. Now I'm told NOT to put it under or even near  trees.  Alternative spots could be under Carob trees, but those lose their leaves even worse ie all the time.  Can this problem be overcome somehow and would the falling leaves mess up the eco system?
Valerie Mc Phail Alex Levine:  Looks great :-) I'm really wanting to make one myself, also with fish in. Do you need a filter for them? How does the water stop its self from becoming stagnant? Thank you in advance.

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