How to make a ring out of coins.


Michael Rodriguez: So many people here talking about the legality of the video. Here's the thing:
If it's within my capabilities to do the thing, and I WANT to do the thing, why not do the thing. Besides someone telling me not to do the thing.
ShoulinFunk: +Michael Rodriguez Because you wanting to do the thing may want others want to do things back to you, for doing the thing you did, kinda how the law works (even though this isn't illegal)
Alec Balog: +Michael Rodriguez Zhu li, do the thing!
Woodman9: If you're a guy commenting about how another guys finger nails look then I'm sorry, but you should have been born a girl. 
Gizmadin: I saw his nails and then i went to the comment section to see if there are comments on that. Lmao
Enigma Sky: I'm a woman and logic suggested to me he plays guitar. Why all these men are so concerned like freaking women complaining I don't know. Nice to see someone say this.

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