Human Botfly Removed from a Girl's Scalp.


Bunny : My cat was sleeping, so I generally try to be quiet as to not to wake my sleeping little prince. However, when I saw that maggot come out of the woman's head and all the nasty white oozing junk that followed, I couldn't suppress a groan. My poor cat woke up startled and came over to do a thorough examination of me to make sure I haven't been injured or something. xD He's so thoughtful. 
Şamil Güngör: This shit triggered my Tryphophobia, oh my god, I feel so bad. This is really the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I couldn't even watch the whole video, yet, that was enough to make me feel very very bad.
Zepharius Be: +Gabara The Bully I'm not rude, I'm just realistic. Why are you commenting on things from January? 
People claiming names like that only mock people with actual phobias. It's like people who claim they are 'triggered' by things when those things just make them feel uncomfortable. 

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