Incredible MTT-136 Electric Sled!


Barnacules Nerdgasm: Such a simple and effective design! I love it.
Richard EC: +Russell Shutes It's effective, and gets the job done, but like a moped, it's the opposite of cool looking.   
MyPekker Gtz: Hay Mike this is what you need!
Mike Fire: That is cool. I think I need one. Now to convince the wife we need one. 
Heather Yuen: Well that's pretty cool.
DonPedro690: dont like because of plenty of f...g  ads! :/
A J Taylor: This is bloody amazing and should have the environment crazies on board.  Wave of the snow future.  
Zes: It looks a lot like the earliest snowmobiles. Back in the day they had a sideways barrel with a chainsaw engine and handlebars, rider had skis.
centralscrutinizer66: How about some nice quiet non polluting electric snowmobiles?
simpox94: 15 min is not very good. he should make a battery sled to be pulled after if
Leena Circle Page: where can I buy it. please feel free to contact me into my inbox. this new invention should be heavily invested who knows there are many other features of models that varies with this ones. the inventor is very creative thank you for sharing.  :)  :)

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