Indian Marriages Top Funny Dance.


lina estard: No 7 is doing monkey dance..danger one, No 6 is learning to groove his butty,no 5 he is dancing as if" i am sexy and i know it,Lmfao...4th one is funny,3th moma is dancing as if she is drunk and seriously bloomed in song...2nd one holy crap!! cobra dance... no 1   sir is trying to copy michael jackson but actually he is doing frog dance...jeje!! he need big stage...
raunit singh: Bollywood Actor & Actress if u r thinking that we are a good dancer than u have to learn from them which is at no.10 and no.1 that how to dance......:P
Mrvin Mcvay: I don't care about their dances , they are happy poor people and am so happy for them ;-) 

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