Infection - EyeWorms


blackham7: Ok ive been suggesting this over and over yellowstone supervolcano a ticking time bomb that can one day destroy the earth
AmazingMojo2567: +blackham7 i am calm i am just telling you what would happen, i am not a mind reader and don't always know what people mean from their text lol
blackham7: I wouldnt suggest it if i didnt do my research i just said that for effect to grab peoples attention its not meant to be literal like just a figure of speech i shouldve put a disclaimer for people like you
Stephen Gleason: Do Liquid nitrogen burn.
Casual K1ller: I'll go dig my fucking eyes out with a spoon, brb
Brandon Correia: You should do PCP, if you already did that I apologize
hannah: Can you please do a video about burns? 

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