Masai Mara - Buffalo Hunting.


PussMag: face this, if you say this is nature and just sit there and watch at the scene, you are being ignorant,
so what's the point of having veterinarians?
lions will find some other alternative food to eat, or die, they can be extinct, i don't care
answer this, how many cows needs to be killed/eaten in order to keep a lion.
fineartist: +Flaiguz  Yes, exactly, it is the "wild". Yet, there are so many phony morally superior "vegetarians" that don't understand that lions eat meat and can't live on a macrobiotic diet...the vain stupid fools!
Atlas24gh: How stupid are you
Bang4Buck PC Gamer: Nearly 2 million views. Humans love watching death it must just be part of our make up, like the Romans watching gladiators in the arena if executions by Gladium were in today's world for pedo`s  murderers and rapists it would be a sellout.

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