Match Fire Domino.


John Salas: People who disliked this probably thought it was a real domino.
By domino, he meant a chain reaction you dumbasses.
John Salas: +FredFlintstone Whatever. You just never give up. You just spout shit to look cool. If I did turned out to be obnoxious, I'd reply to every single negative comment that was sent to me. I only replied to yours and that other guy. This will be my last reply, I'm not arguing with someone with only one subjective viewpoint.
FredFlintstone: +John Salas No more replies? Thank fuck for that, your whining was keeping my cat awake.
ryanp123456:  Who are the morons who voted this down? You saw the image when you clicked on it...
Boohoo the camera wasn't very good, did your eyes get hurt?
Good effort and thanks for the video!

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