Medieval Illusionist.


bheast86: (Sorry this is in English) there seems to be a warning like 'Don't try this at home; they're professionals'?  Except that the lady was apparently supposed to be normal?
Crystal OO: It meant don't try what Fabian was doing... 
whina rai: Wow
john randall: cheesy as hell
Selatpanjang Riau:  saya mewakili dari pesulap amatir mendukung fabian fimanda
Vince Vickler:  Weleh Sukses Mas
Salam dari Vince
rijal anathema:  maju terus om dede  hahaha
agus aa:  Ayooo Bro..............Tunjukin Wong Tegal Bisa Menjadi Juara tuk Menjadi Indonesia's Got Talent

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