New Okazaki, japan Tsunami Video clip.


Nate Shue: There is a fine line between having balls and being a dumb ass.
Aaron Tongon: +xfilesmanson lol that amount of water weighs tons dude, a force that can rip apart houses, boats cars etc.....
Savica Romero: Like if your watching in 2015 :-)
Savica Romero:  Greatest footage ever am I right
Erika Rose Cabungcag :   i thought the wave would be bigger
philly7132812:  Doesn't matter. It's the immense power behind that water that'll take anything out. If you think about it, hurricanes generate storm surges that are only from 3 to say 8 feet high, some may be bigger. It's just the power behind the power that does the damage.

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