Peculiar & Strange Phenomenon in the world.


Niq Last: I could except the theory with the birds and fireworks if not for the fact that a smaller event happened in daylight over a highway. People in cars watched hundreds of birds fall out of the sky dead. They said the birds seemed dead before they hit the ground. 
Niq Last:  Another theory is that our government is experimenting with alien tech that either crashed or was given to them by the aliens. So some UFO sightings could be alien and some not.
kk coll:  +Niq Last I always thought if they were to reveal themselves(aliens) they would prep us for it. like small steps UFO sightings, abduction stories, crop circles, and so on could just be a method to help man get used to the idea of aliens. ask almost in todays age anyone and they'll tell you they believe (unless their super religious). its possible and almost logical if you think how advanced they would be compared to us, we can barely reach mars and they came from light-years away. we be like dogs to them, blissfully dumb.

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