Pen Gun.


Utkarsh Dodrajka: What should we do if a pen dosent have that white covering??? I cant find this pen anywhere!! Can we use link ocean gel?? Plzz help me

drp 03: Just forget this thing! 

Utkarsh Dodrajka: but without that it will not fire??? plzz help me man!!

Zha05ky: i got ink all over my hand...

TheFirefox780: How do you get the match to stay in tube when you push it in?

nrz666: +Origami - Tieng Viet Phosphorous is on the box strikers, the match head is covered with potassium chlorate (KClO3) and abrasive glue.

Bobany: +nrz666 shut up retard no matter how nice your formulas is this doesn't aswer his question.

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