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james lloyd: +titas mataitis I was just thinking, I used to do that when i was a kid at the dinner table so it can't be that difficult. Used to piss my old man off something chronic though
DatVocals!: its not fucking talent. its practice you dumb fucks.
Jharmainyack: +DatVocals! It IS talent. You may say that you can't do these things because you don't practice them. Why don't you practice it? Because you don't feel the need to. You can't just say on day, "Oh, I wanna be a professional skydiver!" You have to have the talent to have the drive to do it.
That was poorly worded, so let me give an example. I'm talented at origami. Sure, I'm only great at it because I've practiced it. However, everyone else I know doesn't have the patience for it, nor do they have the drive to so. I'm talented at origami in that I have the drive to get better.
I stink at football. Sure, if I practice it, I might get better. But I will never be able to because I don't have the drive.
Also, let's go back to the skydiving example. In order to do certain things, you have to have certain qualities. For instance, skydiving requires you to be fearless. I am not fearless and could therefore not skydive. The people who can skydive are talented because they possess the courage to do so, and have the drive.

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