Pot or Silver Tips.


Gabriel Dell: It's surprising how much pleasure watching this is... Subbed?
zar214587: as everything in casinos, it's a trap. It give you the illusion you might be rich. It present you all the money you could have, right in front of your eyes. They calculate everything to make all the money shaking redulary, to give you the illusion you got some control. People who invent that kind of machine are smart. People who play it aren't.
Sara Jakobsen: I have acually wone but ii onely got 20 kroner (btw. From norway👊✌️)
andres pineda: +georgi stoilov you are a good stupid boy satisfation?  hahaha
kRVRKV TV: Haha, TIPS, get it?? .... tips?... anyone

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