Real Street Art Painting.


Misukiy:  feel bad for him. He's an amazing artist (though he's probs done those pics 1000 times) and he works on the streets :( fuck the world man.
angiel516: +06Casualty Obviously not, but what do you think? "Awe man, I hate spraypainting! ;( I should totally make it my career!"
06Casualty: +angiel516 
Some people have to make dumpster diving their career not because they like it but because they have no other choice which is why I do not presume to speak for others. You assume (A) No one is forcing him, which you have no empirical evidence to support. (B) "He happily chose that career" - How do you know this? For all you know he went into painting as a way to pay the bills after his parents were killed. So you're just making stuff up, speaking from the bubble of your own perspective. 

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