See How Far can Human Ideas Reach in Improvising Things!


Vikas Sheth: That pet jar bottle boat makes lots of sense! Hats off to who ever came up with the idea.
Melanie Conn: A Wooden Motorcycle. A Trucar. a Liqour locker for a bike. a Bottle Boat! A Snowtread bike. a Mini Bulldozer made of a minicar. a Truck train. a water pack for dogs. a makeshift tractor. a Minicar Battle tank. a study lab on a bike. a peace van driver pod for babys or small children or for storing items. also a shopping cart bike. a Komodo Dragon Motorcycle. (BADASS!) a Bayonet fork. Candy shaped balloons? a Pipe scorpion. (A Pipeon!). and a donkey bike. 

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