Sequence Effect.


Boston Hatch: Matchstick graveyard
Broblox Bro's play roblox: Did anyone else wonder how long it took him to set up those matches 
Aryan Rafferty: Wow 3,303 Subs 1 video and the video has 16,635,069 Views an 32,869 Likes and 4,510 dislikes
Nick Soltysiak: But what does this mean to me, the viewer? 
rawrzers: When all the matches were burnt it looked like like a Tim Burton forest.
peggy hill:  A pyromaniac's wet dream.
Enoch Bae:  The end result looks like hands desperately trying to get out of the depths of hell. smashes and gets ash on hands
Nekokoro: This is how rumors spread in real life, close enough.
water foker: why does the flames flicker in a sinusoidal wave
water foker: +Pink Sugar Plum eh..not the scientific explanation i was looking for
oday khalid: so many depressed people in this video kinda makes me sad
Michael Russell: Ok, how the actual fuck did you get this matches to stay up?!?
Kenzie.swim1 unicorn goddess: I think they need some ointment for that burn U0001f602U0001f602
ryelor123: No one needs to see your annotations placed RIGHT when the stuff starts. Seriously, all youtube users who use annotations should be banned and have their personal information displayed so everyone knows who they are and where they live.

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