Some Tips For Managing Conflict.


Lilly Fantavner: To Whom It May Concern:
I have worked in the same office complex for nearly thirteen years, and have been quite happy with my job, general management relations, and our work-environment. Our work space is a large room consisting of eight cubicles—four per side—as well as an enclosed manager’s office, and a larger, enclosed meeting room. As our company takes calls 24 hours a day, there is usually someone in the office working at all times. As you may suspect, with office furniture in varying degrees of “newness”, our chairs do tend to get shifted around as employees borrow more comfortable chairs from the cubicles of those not present on the shift. This has never been a problem for me, as I don’t consider myself a “selfish” person. However, I’ve recently begun developing a strange rash, and, having singled out any other cause, I am quite convinced it is related to this practice of “sharing” chairs in the workplace. I have tried everything short of medical attention, on the durn thing – adding printer ink and toner to the bath, AND as a topical pack, directly to the skin (both inkjet and heatset); scotch-taping economy manila file folders to the inside of my clothes to prevent chafing; covering the unsightly areas with brightly colored post-it notes, or automatic label maker tape printed with positive comments, metric goals, or funny sayings which are safe for work. My question is: Is this a serious condition I should see a doctor for? Does everyone else have to put on a “brave” face and force their way through every itchy moment of every day? I see other people who seem to enjoy what they do or at least do not resent it. Should I lodge a complaint with HR?
eeemotion: Thanks for that brief lesson! I will be looking more into all this, it could be useful for anyone.

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