Squid Vampire.


Jan Mozol: That is not true, here in Brasil we have a Lula ( brazilian name for squid) that weighs more than 90 kilos and has 1,70 m, and could drain the blood of 170 milion people! besides blood it drinks a large quantity of pinga (  a liquor that has more than 50º of alcohol) The brazilian squid , Lula  , are always seen in packs , called petralhas.
Christopher Bland: +Jan Mozol Hmmm... Would the scientific name for that squid be "Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva"?
Jan Mozo: +Christopher Bland  exactly! it feeds on brazillian blood, liquors , and the result of its mating is called Dilmius roussefilis , a monstruous animal that multiplies on corruption, its inhabitat is called ' petrobras' , in just 4 years has drained the fourth biggest oil company to almost bankaruptcy .Americans used to love  'petrobras' thousand of americans bought its stocks when they valued 50 dollars, now with all the corruption petrobras stocks  can be used to put tables on level.Other  behaviors of the Dilmius roussefilis is to be intimate to dictators and to the ISIS , saying such stupidities as : we need to dialogue with them.Brazillians say that regret could kill we would all be dead. Be aware! human behavior such as socialism can atract many of these nefarious animals. (pls forgive , my native language is portuguese and polish)
DeadSilent Gaming: I love his eyes their so big and blue lol like i wanna poke it and it will go back inside its body or something not trying to sound mean he just looks cute its like he has 2 sides the red side is his cute side and the spike side is his angry side.

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