StoneFish Sting - Hurt Could Be Fatal.


Wicked kid7907: They will kill you you can't use vinegar that will make it worse the only reason it's there is because of jelly fish stings
Joshua Quigley: I had swine flu. Take swine flu any day.
Heather Bravelund: Once when diving my dive master was petting a few and I was like ummm im pretty sure those are deadly... o.o lol
schlaznger: I would put this up against a esophgel spasm.  Worst pain I have ever had and I have hand Pacreatitis several times
In My Opinion: They warned us when in French Polynesia, that Stone Fish like to stay under the piers where they're less likely to be disturbed...made my kid do a report of various dangerous critters and diseases before going to exotic ports-of-call. Good idea to know what's what before traveling someplace you don't know.

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