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HeyMyBrother ZeN: that cube root is that simple than you whi are watching me fucking now , i am not english speaker , i do my best :((
Cestarian Inhabitan: I'm looking for ways to train myself to be able to do what this guy does. Honestly didn't surprise me one bit to see someone had done it before I tired, seeing as it's common knowledge that the human brain far outclasses any supercomputer ever built.
Our brain is somewhere around the level of what we refer to as quantum computer. If we just use the brain correctly, it can outclass even the strongest modern computers in just about any task, and it also has functions that computers haven't even developed yet.
Virtual reality headset gaming? Try lucid dreams, you get more than just graphics and audio in there.
That said, our brains weakness lies in signal speed. We have somewhere around an average of 80ms delay for signals to travel from the eyes, skin, or other parts of the body to our brain, and this is slower than electricity running through copper wires over long distances (for example I can connect to my friend at the opposite site of town at just 30ms delay through ADSL)
And with the invention of fiber, computers now totally pwn our brain in that area (especially with HP's Machine which will try to replace computer components with fiber rather than wires) but in terms of processing power and memory capacity (both short term and long term) we're at least a century ahead of modern computers.
Computers were never faster nor better than our brain, the thing with computers is that the way they are designed, you cannot feed them information in a way that it cannot understand (it only reads 1 and 0, so you can only give it 1 and 0, and that's what we have peripherals, and user interfaces to ensure that. If we try to feed it something else, we will just get an error (or crash)) our brains however are designed to try to understand data formats it isn't even compatible with to begin with (like letters and numbers, older cultures actually had a good thing going with image-based alphabets, like Kanji) we just aren't using our brains correctly.
Super Crazy: +Cestarian Inhabitant yes sir i agree
Kevin S: As an Asian who is really good at math. I would say his skills are great but not that extremely amazing to me. These are just very simple calculations can be done in head if you have great basic math skills.

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